5 Ways a Plumbing Company Can Help With Your New Home Construction

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Your New Home Construction
Your New Home Construction

Plumbing contractors are responsible for installing your home’s plumbing system, with some companies also offering gas line installation. A plumbing company’s role in new home construction can require contractors to return to the construction site at different stages of the building process. This allows them to help with underground piping, fixture installation, and maintenance. Here are five ways plumbing companies can help when constructing a new home:

1. System Design

Plumbing companies work with architects, builders, and other construction professionals to design an efficient and effective plumbing system that meets the home’s specific needs. This includes planning the layout, sizing pipes appropriately, and determining the placement of fixtures. The plumbing system requires ventilation to prevent airlock and allow the smooth flow of water. The design phase involves planning for vent pipes that connect to drain lines and extend through the roof to release sewer gases safely.

2. Underground Pipe Installation

In new home construction, the plumbing company builds the underground pipes, inspects them, and installs them. Plumbing companies follow and fine-tune their plan for supply lines and outgoing waste lines. They verify that your water, gas, and sewer lines are connected to the city lines. Experienced plumbing contractors can also put meters near incoming points of water and gas, helping to measure your utility usage.

3. Top-out Phase

Plumbing contractors help in the top-out phase of your new construction, where you start working on your plumbing system above the ground. This phase commences after the plumbing contractor has laid the underground components. The plumbing contractor helps by planning the locations of pipes to make sure they supply water to all the water fixtures, including sinks, showers, and toilets.

Skilled contractors focus on the top-out phase before the walls of your new home are constructed. This makes sure your gas lines and water pipes are accessible for repair and maintenance. The plumbing contractor is expected to conduct a system inspection before the drywall and covering installation, as the wall covering and dry walls can obscure potential issues.

4. Finishing Phase

In the finishing phase, the plumbing company helps by recommending and installing various fixtures. This includes connecting them to the previously roughed-in plumbing lines. Some of the fixtures installed by the contractor include tubs, dishwashers, faucets, and filtration systems. Look for a plumber with a gas license to safely connect your gas lines to fireplaces, water heaters, and stoves.

5. Maintenance

Hiring a plumbing company when starting the construction of your new home minimizes future drainage issues. Plumbing companies help you avoid expensive and invasive repairs that require damaging walls or floors during the process. They use high-quality materials, maintain plumbing code compliance, and complete thorough inspections. Some plumbing companies also offer scheduled maintenance plans, providing regular check-ups and preventive maintenance services for the new plumbing system.

The plumbing contractor puts a plan in place at the preliminary phases of construction, including implementing backflow prevention measures and emergency shutoff valves. This makes sure your plumbing system can operate efficiently long after you complete new home construction. If you experience issues with your plumbing system in the future, some plumbers may offer to complete the needed repairs under warranty or at a discount.

Hire Reputable Plumbing Companies

Allocate a part of your new home construction budget to hire an experienced plumbing company. Plumbing experts can make sure you have an effective plumbing system that supplies water and drains waste efficiently. Experienced plumbers assist with the new system design, top-out phase, finishing phase, and future maintenance. Partner with a quality plumbing contractor today to help with each step of your new home construction.

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