Several Car Wash Towels are Available for Drying, Interior & Exterior Surfaces

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Several Car Wash Towels
Several Car Wash Towels

Several car wash towels are available for drying, dusting, and detailing vehicles’ interior and exterior surfaces. Each type of vehicle could benefit from different towel types. Here are three towels options for your car wash:

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber car wash towels are synthetic cleaning materials of exceedingly thin, closely spaced fibers. These fibers, often a polyester and polyamide combination, are highly absorbent, lint-free, and leave no streaks. Some towels come in different sizes and colors, allowing for other uses and color coding. 

Smaller microfiber towels are most suited for cleaning windows, mirrors, and interiors. The larger ones work well for wiping more extensive surface areas on a vehicle. The thickness of microfiber towels varies, directly affecting GSM and pricing. Medium thickness works well for most car wash needs

Premium microfiber towels can withstand multiple washings. Launder microfiber towels solely alongside other microfiber towels. If you wash them with other materials, such as cotton, the fiber may hold on to lint from textiles. Avoid dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and heat exposure. Heat can melt a dry microfiber, causing it to split. When this happens, the towels lose their ability to absorb and start leaving marks on cars.

Terry Towels

Terry towel is a cotton material made on a weaving machine with a distinctive design. It is made to be incredibly absorbent by interlacing loops within the fabric. Car wash terry cloths are identical to household bathroom towels. They are robust, flexible, and absorbent, making them an excellent choice for many car wash needs.

Economical options work well for cleaning carpet stains, wheel wells, and door jambs. Because of their soft nature and excellent absorption capacity, terry towels clean the body of any vehicle without causing paint chips or scratches. Hand towel-sized terrys are ideal for drying car bodywork and removing wax. Smaller towels are more helpful for dirtier tasks like cleaning door jambs, wheel wells, and carpet touch spots.

Large towels cover a greater area surface, such as for larger vehicles like trucks. Terry wash towels must be washed and dried at least once before use. The first wash cycle assists in awakening their absorbent properties and removes much of the lint.

Huck Towels

Huck towels are lightweight, pure cotton, and lint-free options. They are excellent for cleaning small areas because they are lightweight and breathable. Huck’s car wash towels clean windows and automobile interiors well because they leave no lint. They are effective at handling oil, grease, and other staining liquids. 

Huck towels have a long lifespan. They can retain their quality after numerous washes without experiencing noticeable deterioration. These towels feature durability due to their cotton weaves.

Purchase High-Quality Car Wash Towels Today

Find a reputable car wash towel supplier to place your order for bulk supplies. They can assist you in selecting the best option for your vehicle wash or detailing requirements. The cost savings can be significant, depending on the type of material ordered. Contact your wholesale supplier today to learn more about high-quality wholesale towel options.

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