OptiMind Review – Does OptiMind work?

By Grace Patel 14 Min Read
OptiMind Review – Does OptiMind work?


OptiMind is another famous nootropic that was created to increase energy and focus. Take the challenge of using OptiMind to make a comparison between it and Mind Lab Pro. Although it is quite famous I had never used it.


Does OptiMind work?

It is a pretty famous complement, created only to improve energy and focus.

Does OptiMind work?

Unlike the ones seen before, this one interacts with your mood.

It is also quite economical.

It does not present any kind of help in terms of memory.

The exact proportion of each ingredient in the formula is not known.

OptiMind is among the best nootropics of 2017.

OptiMind was originally designed with 12 ingredients, to improve energy levels and mental performance.

Its formula combines nootropics and vitamins, making it an effective supplement.

It is considered a high-end pill; therefore it must be used for a long time, so you make sure to take advantage of its full potential. In comparison with others it is quite commercialized. It also has caffeine for a stroke of energy.

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OptiMind Review

1. Review of OptiMind: I tried OptiMind for one month. It is effective?

OptiMind Review

I ordered OptiMind and while it was in my hands I stopped taking the other batteries, and I gave my body a week free of them. After this I started the intake of OptiMind.

One of the ingredients of OptiMind is caffeine, so according to my experience I would have the sensation of the energy hit.

Usually when taking nootropic batteries the effect is not immediate, it takes weeks to feel it.

This was my cycle with OptiMind:

WEEK 1: As usual in the intake of these pills, I began to take them on an empty stomach. I did not feel a strong blow of energy, but a soft one. This of course because OptiMind contains caffeine.

WEEK 2: There were no definitive changes, I consumed 2 pills a day, but each time I felt my approach improved. Some friends who were also eating OpendMind told me that they did not experience any kind of change.

WEEKS 3-4: After spending between 3 and 4 weeks taking OptiMind, the difference was almost zero. So, according to my experience, and that of other users, I must say that OptiMind does not generate significant changes, just a slight improvement in terms of concentration and energy levels, does not interact with the mood.

Besides, it had no positive effect on my memory, so it is highly recommended to combine with another supplement such as Gingko Biloba, if your purpose is to improve memory.

OptiMind is fine if you want to start very slowly in the world of nootropics.


2. Is it advisable and safe to ingest OptiMind?

It is formulated with ingredients of the highest quality. To create OptiMind, over 50 years of research in the field of neuroscience were reviewed, this being the safest and most effective formula. The laboratory responsible for its manufacture is certified by GMP.

These are the main ingredients of the Optimind formula:

Phosphatidylserine (PS)
Huperzine A
Bacopa monnieri (Synapsa)
B12 vitamin
Rhodiola Rosea
Alpha lipoic acid
Vitamin D-3

The ingredients of OptiMind are shown in detail below:


The effects of caffeine on the mind are well known; they provide a state of alertness and improve concentration, apart from giving a stroke of energy.


GABA is responsible for blocking impulses between nerve cells; its low levels are usually associated with:

Chronic pains
Diseases associated with the state of mind.

Some researchers indicate that GABA has a relaxing effect and helps in the treatment of these disorders.

Alpha lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid is very similar to an antioxidant vitamin. It is found naturally in foods such as liver, spinach, potatoes and broccoli. It is also possible to create it in a laboratory for its use as a medicine. Some people use alpha lipoic acid to treat problems associated with memory.

Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also influences the formation of strong bones. Its low levels are associated with bad mood and fatigue.

B12 vitamin

Older adults have a low level of Vitamin B12 in some studies. As the previous element, low levels of Vitamin B12 are also associated with mood problems, but also in the reduction of other mental abilities, therefore, Vitamin B12 emerges as an assistant in the area, since the Methylcobalamin present in it, collaborates with the formation of high levels of cognitive functions and a good mood. This in the long term.

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You should consult your doctor before consuming OptiMind.


Promotes short-term memory, in addition to concentration and attention, has a quick and easy absorption, this is indicative that in a few days this can manifest.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

This element is able to sharpen the memory, promotes a positive mentality, and retards cognitive deterioration. It is one of the best options for treatments of this type. This makes it the only nootropic on the list certified by the FDA for the reduction of diseases associated with cognitive impairment.

Huperzine A

It is used to treat Alzheimer’s, learning, and memory improvement. In addition to this it is effective in the treatment of the disease called myasthenia gravis, thus increasing energy and alertness. Fight the damage to the nerves.

Bacopa monnieri

The Bacopa is linked to the retention of new information and learning, notably improving the performance of memory, decreases the loss of information that just reaches the brain. Accelerates cognition under stress.


Promotes the memory when the subject performs several tasks simultaneously, helps improve the mind in situations where it is under the influence of sleep, stress and fatigue.


Taurine is an amino acid, that is, a chemical that is a basic component of the protein. Some people use it as a supplement to treat ADHD.

Rhodiola Rosea

It is an “adaptogenic” herb, it strengthens resistance to mental and physical stress, it also supports brain energy, and it provides the individual with clear and calm thoughts.

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3. Who is using OptiMind?

At first, when I heard about OptiMind, it occurred to me that maybe it would be one of the most effective nootropics I would use, but it was not.

My doctors told me that I am able to metabolize caffeine quickly, so at the time I took OptiMind I could feel the energy change that it generates. A very good feeling.

But, after having used it for a while I can conclude that I felt more energized by the blow that caffeine gives you and not by the combination of the other ingredients.

Based on my experience with other products on the market, I must say that OptiMind is not the most effective.

The publicity of this product is aimed at a public as large businessmen, students and even high performance athletes, in my opinion should be aimed at those who want to start in the world of nootropics.

4. Is caffeine the main attraction of OptiMind?

In my experience, I understand that there is a great variety in the nootropic pillar; there are some that have caffeine and others that do not. It is clear that I am a big fan of coffee, which is why the energy shock that OptiMind gives me is quite positive for me. But, try to combine both things could cause me perhaps some sleep disorders, since, for OptiMind and the caffeine that contributes to leave your body it takes approximately 12 hours.

The normal dose that I recommend for OptiMind is 2 capsules a day, if you want to take more, you should definitely consult your doctor. This for a simple reason, the product is not specific in the proportions in which each ingredient comes.

5. Is the body able to develop a certain tolerance for OptiMind?

You have to remember that OptiMind is a nootropic supplement almost the same as the rest, so it is advisable to take it under a cycle that I always recommend for 4 weeks continues ingesting the dose and 1 week of rest. If you are ingesting OptiMind along with other supplements, you should respect this cycle even more.

Of course, the official OptiMind site has more information about it.

6. OptiMind vs. Mind Lab Pro

I previously wrote about the differences between OptiMind vs. Mind Lab Pro, now I want to make a more precise summary of the characteristics of both nootropic pillar and thus determine which one I would recommend and why.

You already know that I preferred to use Mind Lab Pro, it is one of the most recognized supplements in the nootropic market, besides this it has a formula made with the highest quality ingredients and apart each one has an investigation that supports it.

It does not contain caffeine (which allows me to freely take my Coffee Bulletproof or any energizing tea without side effects or sleep disorders), nor does it contain gluten, soy or allergens, which qualifies it as a product suitable for vegetarians.

The company is quite specific as to the proportion of each ingredient in the formula, which is not shared with OptiMind.

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic created to improve memory, cognitive performance and the focus of those who consume it. The difference with OptiMind is quite obvious; in addition if you have already experimented with other products and you are looking for one that is efficient, the best option is Mind Lab Pro. That is why I recommend the use of Mind Lab Pro on OptiMind.

7. OptiMind vs. Qualia

This is even easier to answer, at the beginning of this year I came across the use of Qualia, two weeks later, Qualia had already become my favorite nootropic complement, and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve tried many of them throughout these last years.

The reasons are as follows:

Qualia Mind has in its formula 28 wonderful nootropics.

The energy hit it gives is much greater than that of OptiMind.

In a short time you will have a great performance.

This comparison makes me feel a little bad for OptiMind, since Qualia is superior in many aspects.

8. How can I get OptiMind and what is its price?

Through the OptiMind website you can place any order.

These are the specifications of the package containing OptiMind pills: Each package contains 32 capsules of OptiMind and costs around + -50 $ + shipping (£ 50 / EUR) this makes it one of the most affordable nootropic batteries on the market.

OptiMind shipments are made to the US UU, also to almost all the countries of the EU, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and also to other countries. You can find the complete list of countries on its website.

My personal recommendation is to find another nootropic supplement.

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