How to Get Rid Of Shyness: 6 Ways To Overcome shyness

By Grace Patel 5 Min Read
How to Get Rid Of Shyness – 6 Ways To Overcome shyness
How to Get Rid Of Shyness – 6 Ways To Overcome shyness

I am pretty sure you are here because you want to know how to get over shyness or How to get rid of shynessright! Shyness is not a disease in order to cure shyness. shyness is a fear of rejection which blocks the confidence. None born with shy habits on them. Their life teaches them.

How to get rid of shyness:

I will mention great points which will clear your question how to get rid of shyness and I am sure it will overcome your shyness and help you to increase confidence in you.

1.Never say you are shy

one common mistake that shy people do is they say, everyone that they are shy.To avoid participating, speaking and pressure shy people openly told everyone that their nature is shy.They told that they feel shy to speak and participate in programs which increase the confidence of person you are talking with.If you really want to rid of shyness first thing you have to stop to say, anyone that you are shy.


everyone likes a good compliment. To overcome shyness it is a great factor that will help you to get rid of shyness. just you need to do is give a good compliment to your friends, family, and strangers.First, start with friends and family later try to give a compliment to strangers.It will help to make good relation which increases confidence to talk with them and confidence will overcome shyness.

3.Embrace Rejection

Rejection is a fact that tends to increase shy nature on you. There are seven billion humans in this world and they have different interest, nature, habits. for example, among the seven billion someones may like John Cena someone may hate him, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, how intelligent you are, how smart you are, how funny you are among the seven billion there will be people who accept you and reject you.what ever you do there will be people who reject you difference is that you will be fear of rejection or you will accept rejection.if You feel the fear of rejection shyness will increase and if you accept the rejection and ready to face that the fear of rejection will be finished as a result confidence level will be increased.

4.Practice eye contact in mirror

One fact that decrease confidence and increases shy level is eye contact.If you feel shy then it’s sure that you cannot do eye contact while talking.To overcome this problem first you need to practice in the mirror .do eye contact with your eyes and sing a song, talk with yourself. After some days, you will feel the difference. then go to the park for a morning walk and try to do eye contact with strangers.This will help you to get rid of shyness in no time.

5.Deep Breathe

This is a point that can help you while talking with strangers or new friends.Take a deep breathe and leave it it for 5 times before talking to any one first time.This will relax your mind and help you in conversation which tends to overcome your shyness.

6.Make videos in public

making videos on the public like shooting prank videos, taking street interviews, is a step that will overcome shyness on you with entertainment.This is a step I used to do to overcome my shyness.I suggest you if you really want to overcome your shyness better try this step.i am pretty sure this will sure help you to get rid of shyness.

Above 8 points are answered for the question how to get rid of shyness. if you have points that can really help to overcome shyness then you can share ideas in comment box.

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