How To Eliminate Fear? Best WaysTo Overcome Fear And Anxiety

By Grace Patel 4 Min Read
How To Eliminate Fear?
How To Eliminate Fear?


If you really want to overcome your anxiety then first you need to go through the root of anxiety and you need to understand what is anxiety? anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome, in short, we can call it fear also. So now how to eliminate fear to overcome anxiety. If you are seeking for a good solution then you are at right place!


Below solutions are my personal favorite solution which I used to overcome my fear. Now it’s you time to overcome your fear and anxiety with solutions that help me in overcoming fear.Below are the best ways to deal with anxiety.


1.Comparision is a root cause of fear:

From the childhood, our mind is programmed with the comparison.our parents and relatives even teacher compare us with different children, may be its topic of education, result and also games. we are compared with others in the different field by different people.And this comparison is a root of fear.There are three situations in which person compare himself with other which I will mention below:

  • Comparision with another person 
  • Comparision with situation
  • comparision with himself

All comparison only creates fear, if we start to compare yourself with others people than inside us there will be fear of losing with them. so if you want to overcome fear than first stop to compare you with any other people or situation.

2.Faith is greater:

Pick up any miracle of the world, In that miracle, you will only find a power of faith, not a power of intellect.You can do anything if you have faith in you. who had thought that in stone age there will be a technology like this moving car, the internet, rockets no one except that people who have faith in them?mark Zuckerberg believes in him he has a faith in him so he is a success.You may ask can I be a Superman? yes, you can if you have faith in you.if you have no fear in your heart that you will not be a success.Believe on yourself if you really want to overcome fear.


Fear and negativity have a close relation.For example, you want to start a business first thing your mind think is what if I got to fail, what if this idea won’t work.To overcome fear you need to change your thought of negativity to positivity.Things like if I got fail and business idea won’t work I will learn something new and it will give me experience which will help me to success in next work.

4.Fear Of Failure:

We just leave our ideas and plans because of our thought what if this idea doesn’t work which is our fear.Mark this word until you win fear with your positivity mind you will never get success in life. google wouldn’t be such a great if someone hadn’t invested on it.he invest because he has no fear of losing.If you have no fear of losing than no one in this world can stop you to get success.

So those are the solution for how to Eliminate fear. if you have any positive ideas and solution regarding this fear you can share in our comment box.

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