How To Control Anger – Best Anger Management Techniques

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How To Control Anger
How To Control Anger

How to control anger

There are different emotion in our body.Those different emotions come out in different situations.Among them, anger is one of the emotion.If you need to control something then you need to understand its root. what is anger? A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility is an anger.If you want to get a solution for How to control anger then you need to understand it .Anger has a good side also if it does not exceed the limit.

Example for the good side of anger- If you want to tell something that you didn’t like about friend to him you can’t but in angry emotion, you can clearly confess your emotion about him.

How to control anger by SLS

If anger exceeds the limit it is one of the worse emotion ever.It doesn’t only break our relation it damages our body, it increases blood pressure, it damages our heart and negatively affects our mind.To control anger you can follow below solution which I personally follow to limit my anger and now I am sharing with you for your question how to control anger.

Anger management Techniques

Below anger management techniques are best ways to deal with anger and control anger completely.

1.Wait for 3 second

  • According to research emotion of anger is only stable for 2.5 seconds.
  • If you want to control anger than wait for three seconds before showing emotion to anyone.
  • if you feel angry for some reason then do not respond for 3 seconds.
  • Did you remember when you are angry you feel something on your mind for some seconds only but when you start to show anger within 3 seconds, it goes on increasing but if you do not respond within 3 seconds you forget that feeling.
  • So stop your feeling only for 3 seconds for controlling your anger.
  • To do so you can take 3 deep breath, count word reversely, start to laugh.At that time your motto must be to cross that 3 seconds.

2.Accept the truth

Many of us believe that anger controls us while we became angry but this is 100%, not a true fact.Truth is that we control anger and express them according to the situation.To understand this let’s take example In office if your boss scolds you without any reason in front of 10 people did you fell angry? yes you feel angry but you do not express your anger, you only listen what he said right  here you control anger, not anger  controls you if the same situation happens with your family you will 100% express your anger so here you control anger so if you want to deal with anger first accept the truth that you have full control on your anger emotion.

3.Exercise water and food

This solution is a 100%  proven solution.If someone do exercise daily then he/she can easily control anger than the people who do not do to control angry do exercise daily. If you feel angry, drink a glass of water and your anger will be controlled. Nutrients foods also help to maintain the emotion of people this is proven ways to control anger.

So, guys, this is my personal favorite ideas to control anger.if you have any ideas regarding topic how to control anger then you can leave your ideas in the comment box.

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