Upgrade Your RAM: Easy Guide To Choosing A Roof Rack.

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Easy Guide To Choosing A Roof Rack
Easy Guide To Choosing A Roof Rack

RAM trucks stand out for their sheer strength and durability. These vehicles are also prized for their incredible reliability, especially when off-roading. Besides, they guarantee a comfortable ride due to their unique rear suspension design. 

If you’re planning to go on a long road trip in a RAM model, you’ve probably considered outfitting the truck with a roof rack. The good news is that there are plenty of options to pick from. 

In this article, we shall unveil a step-by-step guide to choosing the right roof rack for you. But first, let’s start by highlighting some benefits of installing a roof rack on your RAM SUV.

Why Install A Roof Rack?

Why Install A Roof Rack?

RAM trucks are reasonably spacious. However, you could be planning an extended, all-family road trip that requires bringing more travel essentials than you normally do. Unfortunately, not every item will fit into the truck’s cabin and trunk. 

Installing a RAM roof rack is the most efficient way to create more space in the SUV. A roof rack lets you carry oversized travel essentials like tents and sleeping blankets, leaving extra legroom in the cabin. It also prevents you from squeezing items into the trunk, which could only damage the rear windshield. 

Another benefit of installing a RAM roof rack is improving the vehicle’s safety and maneuverability. 

Roof racks can secure loads throughout the trip. That contrasts cabin and trunk storage, where items may be tossed to and fro when cruising rough terrains. 

By firmly securing your travel essentials, a roof rack allows you to easily maneuver the vehicle despite its weight. It also minimizes accidents that could result from awkward weight shifts. 

Outfitting your RAM with a roof rack also improves your road trip by providing an excellent observatory. You can take advantage of the rack to marvel at the rolling landscapes or survey the general vicinity for danger. Besides, you can retreat to this refreshing spot to catch up on the latest news or grab a siesta during your trip. 

Lastly, a RAM roof rack improves the truck’s overall appearance. A rack gives your vehicle a beastly and imposing look, allowing it to stand out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a RAM Roof Rack

Factors to Consider When Choosing a RAM Roof Rack

1. Type 

Roof racks fall into two major categories – Rail Racks and Gutter Racks. 

Rail roof racks are designed to clamp onto your RAM’s rails. They’re super easy to install. 

Gutter roof racks, also known as channel racks, come with a separate mounting kit. They’re relatively difficult to install as they must be compatible with your RAM’s gutters. 

Besides rail and gutter racks, you can also choose a roof rack depending on the specific item you intend to transport in it. There are racks designed primarily for carrying bikes, canoes, kayaks, etc.

2. Material

Most roof racks are made from metal, with steel and aluminum being the popular choices. 

Steel is preferable for its strength. However, steel racks can be pretty heavy and are susceptible to corrosion. 

Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant yet still reasonably strong. While aluminum roof racks may be more expensive to install than steel racks, they’re cost-effective in the long run. 

If you prefer style over performance, you could also choose neoprene. However, this material is only suitable for lighter gear due to its softness. 

Remember to consider ropes and straps while choosing the right material for your RAM roof rack. Popular options here include nylon and polypropylene. Nylon is thin and lightweight but doesn’t last as long as polypropylene. 

3. Height

RAM roof racks are available in different heights. You can choose from a low, medium, or high rack, depending on your needs. 

A lower RAM roof rack is easy to install and access. It also has a lower center of gravity, which enhances your truck’s stability. 

RAM roof racks are available in different heights

A higher roof rack provides more storage space and a better observatory point. However, it’s less accessible and can impede your vehicle’s maneuverability due to the higher center of gravity. 

4. Weight 

The weight of your RAM’s roof track impacts nearly every aspect of the vehicle’s performance. 

A cumbersome roof rack can make your SUV challenging to handle. It also exerts too much weight on the car, reducing fuel efficiency. 

Besides, you could be held liable by both the police and your auto insurance company if your RAM is involved in an accident and it’s determined that the vehicle is overweight. 

When choosing the right weight for your RAM’s roof rack, consider the rack’s construction material, the vehicle’s weight, and the load you intend to carry in the rack.

5. Loading Mechanism

There are two significant ways to load RAM roof racks. You can either load the rack from the top or sideways. 

Both options may be ideal under certain circumstances. 

The top loading mechanism is preferable for lower roof racks. On the other hand, sideways loading provides more flexibility in that you can safely load from the side or back of your RAM truck. 

Loading Mechanism

Whichever loading mechanism you prefer, it’s important to proceed gently and cautiously. Carefully place each travel essential onto the rack instead of hurling them from the ground, however light the items may be.

Wrap Up

Picking the right roof rack for your truck is the first step in optimizing your road trip experience. We hope you’re better equipped with the key considerations when shopping for the correct RAM roof rack.

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